• Relationship: Perfecting The Art Of Affection (PhatzNewsRoom / BD)    —-   We live in an instant world where everything is expected in the blink of an eye: Instant messages, instant coffee and microwavable food ready in a matter of minutes. As the nature of society has become rushed, so have our personal activities including those within the bedroom. Sex for many has become ...
  • Relationship: 4 Tips For Sizzling Summer Dates (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)    —    When we think about dating, what’s it really about? The purpose of dating, generally speaking, is for two or more people to assess one another’s suitability and compatibility as a long-term companion or potential spouse. While we know that dating can be stressful sometimes and it is often easy to get ...
  • Relationship: Clear Signs It’s Time To End A Relationship (PhatzNewsRoom / BD)    —-    If you are in a relationship and you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, you may find yourself contemplating whether or not you should end the relationship or continue to try to make it work. It’s normal to have second thoughts about relationships. However, if you find yourself dwelling on the idea of ...
  • Relationship – Dating Body Language: 5 Ways to Let Him Know You’re Interested (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)    —    So, you’re on a date with a guy you really like, but does he know that you’re feeling him? According to new research, the answer might be in your body language — those subtle movements you may not be noticing. “The most important part is understanding body language, but not obsessing over ...
  • Relationship: 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Married (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)    —   We’re all into “wedding season” but what about “marriage season?” Many people prepare for the wedding, but not the marriage.  Here are a few things you need to know BEFORE you say “I do”… 1. Marriage doesn’t complete you. Contrary to Jerry Maguire and all the Hollywood stories of statements like “finding the One” ...
  • Relationship: 9 Things All Grown Men Should Know About Women Simply being nice isn’t woman-speak for “I’m definitely having sex with you.” (PhatzNewsRoom / Ask.com)  —-   Despite being born in 1941, my dad was progressive when it came to gender. Maybe it was a lifetime spent in academia, or simply who he was, but my parents’ relationship was always equitable. They shared responsibilities, he was intensely ...
  • Relationships: Creator of The Punany Poets Schools Men On Intimacy (Take Notes!) (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)    —-     If you ask men what intimacy is, they’ll give you the most random array of answers. Some will say its foreplay, some will say its the “mushy” without the “gushy” and some brothers will sit there in a stupor like, what ? BlackDoctor.org sought out the advice of the ladies to ...
  • Relationship: The Last Person To See Denise “Vanity” Matthews & Prince’s Heartfelt Tribute (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)    —    Fans and entertainers alike were shocked when they heard of former singer and model, Denise “Vanity” Matthews had passed away. Now, they are even more shocked that her mentor and music legend, Prince, has died too. We take a look back a couple of months at how Prince remembered his dear friend. ...
  • Relationship – Dating Body Language: 5 Ways to Let Him Know You’re Interested (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)   —    So, you’re on a date with a guy you really like, but does he know that you’re feeling him? According to new research, the answer might be in your body language — those subtle movements you may not be noticing. “The most important part is understanding body language, but not obsessing over ...
  • Relationships: Is Masturbation Healthy In A Relationship? I’m often asked by curious couples if masturbating while in a relationship is healthy, and I always say yes.  For some, the idea of practicing solo sex is seen as offensive or an admittance of not being pleasured properly, but masturbation shouldn’t be viewed in this way. By using the act in mutual practice and ...
  • Relationships: Can You Become Addicted To Your Vibrator? As vibrators have become more popular and a part of regular everyday society, people have started wondering about potential negative side effects of relying on them. Some have voiced concerns about vibrators desensitizing the clitoris, getting in the way of human intimacy, or creating unrealistic sexual expectations. Some even wonder will these Bob’s (Battery Operated ...
  • Relationship: Is The 80/20 Rule Still Valid? 3 Signs That You May Be Settling (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)   —    Nobody’s perfect, right? Well there’s some truth to that and there is also a big, bold lie wrapped up in there as well. Sometime we fool ourselves into believing age-old myths about relationships that was handed down to us by our parents, friends, pastors, etc. But in reality, 100% can exist ...
  • Relationships: The Real Path To Intimacy In Your Relationships (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)   —    Intimacy is the one aspect of romantic relationships that is often misinterpreted. Many believe intimacy to be the physical act of sexual intercourse, and while intimacy can be present in these moments of pleasure, the basis of intimacy has absolutely nothing to do with sex at all. In fact, many relationships ...
  • Relationships: The Most Dangerous Sex Position Is… There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your love life by making things a little bit more “interesting” in the bedroom. But you should be aware of some positions that are a little bit more risky and downright dangerous for a number of reasons. In fact, one of the most common sexual positions has also been ...
  • Relationship: How To Recognize A Toxic Friend Breaking up sucks, but it isn’t just for significant others and lovers. Sometimes you outgrow your friendships. Many times we outgrow these relationships long before we even start seeing the signs. Breaking up with your friend is just as hard sometimes as breaking up with your mate. It’s tough, but more than likely necessary. Keeping a ...
  • Relationships: 5 Tips To Grow Your Money And Your Relationship (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)   —   Over the past week or so, a few of my clients, students, friends, and colleagues have professed to have an interest in buying tickets for the Powerball jackpot that currently stands at approximately $1.4 billion. With smiles on their faces, many of them have openly shared that they want to use ...
  • Relationships: Are You Winning At Foreplay? (PhatzNewsRoom /BlackDoctor.org)    —-     It is of no surprise to me that the average couple only spends one to four minutes on foreplay before jumping right into the penetration portion of intercourse, considering we live in a day and age where everything is quick, on the go and instant. Somewhere through the decades, we have lost ...
  • Relationship: 7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Mate Besides money, love is one of the most sought after treasures in life. Having a loved one, wife, husband, significant other, whatever you want to call them, to go through life with is invaluable. So, why run them off with your words? Talking to over 100 couples and singles, here are the phrases that they ...
  • Relationshp: 9 Keys To Practicing Real Forgiveness (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)    —    If disagreements have put a strain on relationships with family, a new year may be just the right time to mend them. According to the Bowen Theory, tension created within a family relationship negatively affects other relationships in that structure and when this tension is heightened or lasts for a long time, ...
  • In The Meantime: 5 Ways To Become Sexually Healthy Between Relationships Being a woman or a man in waiting for that special someone to share your sex life with can be a challenging yet fulfilling process, but rarely does one think about how the time in wait can be spent in developing sexually and maintaining sexual health.  According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is ...
  • Relationships: Are You Sabotaging Yourself With ‘Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder’? (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)   —   If every relationship seems to be the same in a bad way, maybe it’s not your partner — maybe it’s you. While promoting their new book, “The Wait,” celebrity couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good brought up an interesting point about those of us who do the same thing over and over ...
  • Pleasure Or Pain: What Does Her Moan Mean? (PhatzNewsRoom / Blackdoctor.org)    —-    Some tend to think all moans are good in the sack. But, that’s not necessarily the case. Sex aside, we moan for many different reasons, like stumping your toe on the edge of your bed or eating your favorite food. Moans mean many different things, even in the bedroom. So, we ...
  • 10 Reasons Marriage & Long-Term Relationships Are Better For You (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)    —-    The topic of marriage can bring about a myriad of emotional responses. Depending on the person and their experience, marriage can feel like the plot of a romantic tear-jerking novel or a grand horror story. In light of Valentine’s Day, we’ll keep it sweet and focus on the benefits of marriage. ...
  • Men: 4 Real Reasons She Hates Your Semen (PhatzNewsRoom / BlackDoctor.org)    —-    Oral sex is a part of life. If you and your partner have a healthy sexual relationship, then it’s most likely that the topic of oral sex has come up. You might notice that she might not be as enthusiastic about as you, and it could have to do with the fact that ...
  • 7 Steps To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Is marriage even fun anymore? That’s what many couples who are getting divorced are trying to figure out. Time after time, we read about or know of couples getting divorced after years of marriage, but why? Once again, another Hollywood couple has recently decided to call it quits. Comedian Chris Rock and wife, Malaak Compton-Rock ...
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